We are campaigning to have Freewallet removed from the App Store with the assistance of the Better Business Bureau.

Have you experienced financial loss after downloading Freewallet from the App Store? Sadly, you are not alone. Freewallet is infamous for freezing numerous accounts daily. Users often receive notifications about “suspicious activity,” which then prevent them from withdrawing their funds. This deceptive practice is known as KYC Fraud. We need to stop Freewallet’s scam operations, […]

Freewallet stole €50,000 from a Spanish resident

Another victim of Freewallet scammers has contacted us. A man named Alexey currently lives in Spain. He has been using this application since 2018. In the first years, the wallet seemed quite convenient and reliable. The amount of savings grew. Small transactions were processed without problems….And now, in April 2024, scammers stole more than 50,000 […]

We are looking for volunteers!

Help us to warn your compatriots! Translate the texts in which we talk about Freewallet scam into your language! Freewallet scammers have already deceived thousands of clients. Among the victims are residents of Romania, the Netherlands, the USA, Russia, Thailand, China and other regions. Unfortunately, most reviews and complaints are published in English. Not all […]

Send abuse to Cloudflare

How to stop Freewallet scammers? The most reliable way is to get law enforcement officials to conduct an independent investigation. But it is important to note that the owners of the service may be located in different countries. According to some sources, the founder of Freewallet org lives in the UK, according to others – […]

Alvin Hagg came to the attention of law enforcement officers

Alvin Hagg came to the attention of law enforcement officers. The head and co-founder of Freewallet may soon be under arrest. We have certain information that is not worth mentioning for now so as not to harm the interests of the investigation. But to put it briefly, the police of one of the countries became […]

Кошелек Freewallet создан мошенниками!

Freewallet org – мошеннический проект. На нашем сайте мы неоднократно описывали, как администрация крадет деньги клиентов. Большинство отзывов о Freewallet опубликовано на англоязычных ресурсах. Но мы знаем, что это мошенническое приложение обокрало тысячи клиентов из разных стран. Поэтому мы запускам отдельные сайты на нескольких языках для помощи пострадавшим. https://freewalletotzyvy.org Наш сайт для русскоязычных пользователей. На […]

Freewallet announced the launch of a new wallet with the user’s private keys. But this is the same scam!

Freewallet scammers realized that users no longer trust their application. In numerous complaints, clients described the impossibility of withdrawing money and the fact that the user did not have private keys. To attract new victims, the scammers resorted to yet another trick. They launched a new version of the application in which the client can […]

Freewallet is scam: full review

Freewallet, a cryptocurrency wallet provider, has gained attention in the digital asset community with its promises of secure storage and convenient management of various cryptocurrencies. However, it has also drawn significant criticism and skepticism from users who allege that it is nothing more than a scam. In this comprehensive review, we will delve into the […]

Is it possible to return money stolen by scammers?

This question worries Freewallet clients most of all. Indeed, in most cases, the administration blocks the account as soon as the client receives the transfer. Due to the impossibility of withdrawing coins, users first try to negotiate with support, send documents, and ask to unlock the wallet. But at some point, despair sets in and […]

How to steal millions without going to jail

How to steal millions without going to jail “A man who has never gone to school may steal a freight car; but if he has a university education, he may steal the whole railroad.” Theodore Roosevelt, 1858-1919, American President [1901-1909] Theft is a crime, just like fraud or hacking into other people’s accounts. But while […]