How to stop Freewallet scammers? The most reliable way is to get law enforcement officials to conduct an independent investigation. But it is important to note that the owners of the service may be located in different countries. According to some sources, the founder of Freewallet org lives in the UK, according to others - in Portugal. There is information that the creators of the project generally live in China, which complicates their capture by European law enforcement officers.

We have sought and will continue to seek an international investigation. But this process is slow. Therefore, it is worth using other methods in the fight against scammers. One of them is to direct the abuses of the victims to the company CloudFlare, Inc.

What is CloudFlare?

This is a service that allows the site owner to “replace” the server’s IP address with the addresses of the company itself. That is, the server can be located, say, in Estonia, and visitors will see that the site is hosted in the USA. There is nothing illegal about Cloudflare’s actions per se. Redirecting traffic is a normal procedure, say, to prevent DDoS attacks. But in our case, Freewallet uses Cloudflare to hide the location of the servers and the name of the hosting provider. Because of this, scam victims cannot get the fraudulent resource blocked.

Make a complaint

Write a short story about how the Freewallet administration stole your assets. It is enough to prepare just a couple of paragraphs indicating the amount of damage, the date the wallet was blocked and your assessment of Freewallet’s actions.

If you don’t know what to write, contact us. Contact us via Send screenshots and correspondence with scammers. We will help prepare statements and complaints on your behalf.

The prepared text can be immediately sent to CloudFlare ( In your letter, be sure to indicate that you require that not provide services, since their actions are directly contrary to the law. What Freewallet does is scam under the guise of KYC/AML checks. The presence of hundreds of victims is the best proof of illegal activities.

Make a complaint on

Visit this page –

Fill out all the fields, in particular, briefly describe that the Freewallet org administration has illegally blocked your crypto wallet and is preventing you from withdrawing digital assets.

It is advisable to attach links to repositories with screenshots or our articles to the text of the complaint. It is important that Cloudflare administrators understand: Freewallet is a scam.

Several victims have already sent similar complaints. If there are dozens of them, Freewallet will be denied further service. And this will allow us to very quickly block the scammers’ site. Let’s stop them together before they rob more victims!