Help us to warn your compatriots! Translate the texts in which we talk about Freewallet scam into your language!

Freewallet scammers have already deceived thousands of clients. Among the victims are residents of Romania, the Netherlands, the USA, Russia, Thailand, China and other regions. Unfortunately, most reviews and complaints are published in English. Not all users know this language. This plays into the hands of scammers: people download Freewallet without even knowing that there are dozens of scam allegations.

We are looking for volunteers to help us fight against Freewallet scammers!

We have launched a full-fledged international project called Stop Freewallet Fraud. His task is to jointly fight against fraudulent owners of the Freewallet service. We also want to help victims recover stolen assets. We need the help of volunteers who will translate our texts into different languages.
As of now, we have sites and materials in:

We are expanding our audience to warn as many users as possible.
Please contact us if you are willing to help translate our materials into other languages, especially French, Spanish, Hindi, Arabic, Vietnamese. The more clients from different countries unite, the sooner the creators of Freewallet will find themselves in the dock!

Thanks to everyone who helps fight against scammers!