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Vasiliy Mesheryakov, Dmitry Gunyashov, and Alvin Hagg are the primary figures behind Freewallet. While they present themselves as legitimate entrepreneurs in the crypto space, their backgrounds tell a different story. Each of these individuals has a history marred by fraudulent activities and deceptive practices.

  1. Vasiliy Mesheryakov: Known for his involvement in various dubious ventures, Mesheryakov has been linked to multiple scams that have defrauded unsuspecting investors out of substantial amounts of money. His role in Freewallet raises significant concerns about the platform’s integrity.
  2. Dmitry Gunyashov: Gunyashov has a reputation for orchestrating sophisticated scams within the crypto industry. His association with Freewallet has cast a long shadow over its operations, with numerous users reporting sudden and inexplicable losses of funds after entrusting them to the platform.
  3. Alvin Hagg: Hagg, another key player, has a history of engaging in fraudulent schemes. His involvement with Freewallet has only served to reinforce the platform’s dubious reputation, as more and more users come forward with stories of lost funds and unresponsive customer support.

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