Freewallet scam that threatens thousands of customers

Freewallet is a scam. No, this description is too modest. Freewallet is a huge scam! There have been different situations in the history of cryptocurrencies. Many projects cheated with their clients and disappeared with their money. But only scammers from the Freewallet project have been able to steal their victim’s money for 7 years, and at the same time not only avoid punishment but also attract new and new users.

However, the history of the grandiose scam called Freewallet is in its last stage. And today we will tell the stories of those who lost everything by trusting scammers. We want to inform you to help to restore justice.

Musk’s wallet is blocked, but is he the only victim of Freewallet fraud?

February 2021. Elon Musk creates an account through the Freewallet application, after which the project’s security service freezes his wallet. This story can be called a curiosity, if not for one nuance. Freewallet is the largest scam project in existence today. You can find thousands of people who have lost all their savings due to the actions of these scammers. Today we will show you how easy it is to make millions by stealing money from entrepreneurs, freelancers, and crypto investors with impunity. Moreover, unlike billionaire Elon Musk, blocking ordinary customers is not noticed by the biggest news portals. Therefore, a scam project called Freewallet has been quietly working for several years, continuing to lure new victims.

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Freewallet scam threatens customers

One of the dozens of Freewallet victims’ reviews.

In April 2018, a user named Surafad installed the Freewallet app. He has successfully made small operations to exchange Bitcoins for Monero several times. But as soon as Surafad tried to make a big transaction…the coins just disappeared. Not seeing the enrollment, the user contacted technical support. After a long silence, the Freewallet employee replied that the sender himself was to blame for the loss of money. Allegedly, he “mistakenly transferred coins to a wallet in the alternative XMO cryptocurrency”. This answer was absurd because Surafad itself has always worked only with BTC and XMR. There was simply no place for a third-party cryptocurrency in this chain. But tech support refused any help. The coins were withdrawn to two third-party addresses. Surafad’s Freewallet scam review showed that it was not just an occasional issue. It was fraud.

prove of payment

“Wait,” a reader might say, “but a technical glitch can happen in any application! Of course, it’s a shame to lose money because of a mistake, but is this an argument to accuse the Freewallet management of stealing coins?”. Yes, this is an argument. After all, we are not talking about single failures, but about the targeted theft of hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars!

freewallet scam review

Briton Amber Francis has lost all the savings accumulated by working as a freelancer. The man sent BTC to another wallet for withdrawal, but the coins never reached the addressee. The transaction history in the Freewallet app was empty. But to Amber’s surprise, looking at the transaction on the blockchain explorer showed that his savings had gone… to a wallet with a completely different address. How can you believe in such a technical failure?

It’s been 3 years since the payment was made. Blockchain explorer confirms: the coins did not reach the addressee.

Ahmad Sohaib, a native of India, lost money in a similar situation. 6 of his different translations did not reach the addressee. Is it possible to believe that 6 transactions in a row of one person will not get into the blockchain occasionally?

This is a targeted theft of coins. What do the owners of Freewallet do cunningly? Most often, such outright thefts occur with those who keep small amounts in their wallets. Obviously, the owners of the scam company are afraid to deceive more serious and influential people so openly. These customers are destined for another type of fraud.

We will leave you without money but just for your safety

The founders of Freewallet are mean and cynical, but cunning people. If you just steal coins from wallets, you can quickly find yourself in prison. Therefore, the leaders of the scam project came up with a more safe way of cheating.

Extract from the user agreement. The creators of Freewallet directly say that at any time they will deprive you of the possibility of withdrawing assets under a far-fetched pretext.

The service rules explicitly state that the company has the right to verify customers in case of “suspicious activity”. By the way, anything can be considered suspicious activity, even the usual authorization in the wallet. After blocking the account, the support service starts ignoring requests:

  1. First, they explain for a long time that they act for security reasons.
  2. Next, they ask for a regular scan of a passport or ID.
  3.  Then they persuade a victim to make a selfie, a video recording, and send more and more scans.
  4. If the client passes this check as well, they begin to demand new documents, including tax returns, bank statements, and documents of victims’ family members.

The purpose of this “verification” is to make the victim get tired of fighting for their coins and resign themselves to losing them. Or, in general, send the client to the ignore list under any pretext. You can find hundreds of people from whom Freewallet administrators simply stole coins!

Freewallet stole $100,000 from one victim

How secure is Freewallet?

A user with the nickname Spidermantheman1 accumulated about $100,000 on his Freewallet XMR wallet. The security service immediately blocked his account. The long correspondence did not give results. First, employees needed the user’s data. Then they asked him to show his ID. They wanted to make a selfie. In the end, Freewallet scammers demanded a bunch of documents from the victim, including bank statements. But even that didn’t help. At some point, the security service began checking again, asking … to take more and more selfies (for example with different documents and papers in the background) 

Does it have anything in common with security? No! The purpose of such “verification” is simple: to play for time, waiting until the victim will be forced to forget about his or her deposit.

Why Freewallet scam is not punished

Every month, dozens of victims whose assets are stolen by the Freewallet administration appear in the crypto community. It would seem that the founder of the project should have been under arrest for a long time. But smart Freewallet scammers thought out their “business” to the smallest detail:

  • A figurehead, listed as the official project manager. In reality, the CEO has nothing to do with the crypto business. The real founders of Freewallet are often called two residents of Russia. According to the political situation, punishing fraudsters becomes almost impossible.
  • Users’ coins are stored in shared cryptocurrency addresses. It becomes difficult to calculate where the assets of a particular victim went. While the client thinks that he is passing the usual verification, the company sends his tokens and coins to staking or landing, receiving good interest. The victim loses his savings. This was especially actual in December 2017 and 2018: the rates of Bitcoin and altcoins were falling rapidly. At some point, seeing their frozen assets melt away, Freewallet victims simply gave up trying to get them back. The administrators of the scam project took the assets for themselves, immediately converting them into stablecoins or fiat.
  • The Freewallet “marketing department” is doing everything to whiten the reputation of the project. They are blocking negative reviews and compromising users who reported fraud. In such simple ways, Freewallet manages to slightly improve the ratings and achieve an influx of new victims.

But in general, Freewallet is such a blatant scam that it’s amazing how people still trust them with their savings. And to be convinced of the deception, it is not even necessary to look for reviews of other victims. It is enough to see if the company that is named as the owner of this crypto wallet is real.

According to the official website, the owner of the service is Wallet Services Limited, registered in Hong Kong.

If you ask is Freewallet legit, check more then just scammer’s official website. A simple search reveals that Wallet Services Limited… ceased to exist back in January 2022! That means: today Freewallet has no official owner. In the event of claims, the victims will not even have a person from whom compensation can be demanded. Unfortunately, not all beginners are aware of such nuances, which leads to the theft of coins and tokens from the wallets of gullible users.

The worst thing is that the creators of the scam project Freewallet do not shun anything, taking even the last money from people. As an example – one of the recent stories: Freewallet blocked the payment, which was intended for a gift to one of the user’s daughter.

Freewallet scammers steal money for bithday

Moreover, the scammers from Freewallet this time did not even begin to create the appearance of legality. Usually, they block the wallet, citing security reasons, the desire to protect the client, etc. This is where the theft took place. As soon as the user completed the transaction, the company immediately removed this token from the list of available ones. Later, Freewallet pretended that such transfers never happened. A spoiled holiday for a child, a spoiled mood for parents … and a lot of money from the mysterious owners of the Freewallet project. Are they interested in someone else’s experiences?

Can Freewallet scam participants be held accountable? Yes. What is not so difficult to do? Most of the victims are limited to negative comments on social networks and forums. Thanks to these comments, a simple search for reviews shows that Freewallet is a scam. But this is not enough.

Victims must organize and collect evidence of Freewallet’s fraudulent activity and pass it to law enforcement officers. It is important to seek the initiation of criminal proceedings against the creators and participants of this scam project. Further, financial regulators should intervene in the matter, which will place the money associated with Freewallet on blacklists, which will make it difficult to withdraw stolen funds. Ultimately, Interpol should get involved in the case to achieve an arrest and judicial review of the facts of fraud and theft of cryptocurrency.

But it will be extremely difficult for one user to achieve the result alone. The team of scammers who founded Freewallet today has money, influence, and opportunities. Therefore, it is important that the appeals of the victims be collected and addressed to state bodies, and not in the form of ordinary posts on the Internet. Otherwise, Freewallet will be able to steal millions more from thousands of new victims.

We also suggest you to read the truth about Freewallet reviews. New customers often try to find the most advertised solutions to keep their assets. Freewallet scam is succussful for the fraudsters because they pay for positive reviews. But real customers also add their stories. If you pay attention to their complaints, you ll realize that Freewallet is a scam, not a safe and secure cryto wallet!