Alvin Hagg came to the attention of law enforcement officers. The head and co-founder of Freewallet may soon be under arrest. We have certain information that is not worth mentioning for now so as not to harm the interests of the investigation. But to put it briefly, the police of one of the countries became very interested in Hagg’s personality.

It all started a few months ago. One of the clients registered a wallet to try his hand at crypto trading. The result was not particularly impressive and the user decided to withdraw the coins by exchanging them for fiat. Suddenly the Freewallet wallet stopped working: the administration reported that the account was blocked due to suspicious transactions.

This is a typical scheme, known as KYC fraud.

But this time the crypto scammers miscalculated. The victim turned out to be a fairly well-known person in his country with an impeccable reputation. Therefore, as soon as he filed a complaint with the police, law enforcement officers registered a report. In addition, the client contacted us. In turn, we contacted a local police officer to provide more information about Freewallet.

It is likely that in the coming days a criminal investigation will be launched against Freewallet and their leader Alvin Hagg.

Is Alvin Hagg the main person in Freewallet scam?

No, we are not saying that. Moreover, we have information that Freewallet has completely different owners. But this does not change the fact that it is Hagg who is indicated as the project manager. Therefore, he must bear full responsibility for the theft of client assets.

Alvin Hagg, Freewallet co-owner is definetely responsible for all cases of KYC fraud, disappeared transactions and unreasonably blocked accounts. Even if he did not personally take part in this, he is obliged to explain who carried out this fraudulent scheme on his behalf.

Freewallet stole your coins? It’s time to send your victim statements!

It’s a good sign that Hagg has become a person of interest in the investigation. But in order for law enforcement to achieve full responsibility for fraudsters, it is important that all victims, regardless of their place of residence, file victim statements on their own. Unfortunately, many clients do not do this because they do not know how to draw up the document correctly.

Write to this email a detailed description of the situation that happened to you. Attach screenshots and texts of correspondence. Our lawyers will help you draw up a competent statement to the police. In addition, we will endeavor to make your case visible to the local press and regulatory authorities.