The promise of decentralized finance and digital wallets has opened new opportunities, but it has also led to significant challenges. One such troubling instance involves Freewallet, a company that has recently faced numerous scam accusations from users worldwide. In this post, we recount the experiences of two new victims who contacted us via email at

New Victim Stories

Victim 1: Unauthorized Withdrawals and Inadequate Support

On March 7, 2024, money was illegally withdrawn from my Freewallet wallet. While the amount still shows up in the interface, my wallet is empty on the Tronscan website. To check the activity, I deposited small amounts into my wallet, and they were automatically replenished. However, the money I deposited soon disappeared again. The account remains active, and you can track it on Tronscan.

When I contacted technical support, they arranged a Skype call, asked for all the details, and said they would transfer the information to the administration. Since then, I have not heard back. This involves a very large amount of money that I borrowed from a friend, who is now demanding repayment. I am at a loss, unsure if I have become a victim of fraud. All the evidence, receipts, and photo videos are in my possession. Please help.

It is worth noting that such situations occur infrequently. The most common method of asset theft used by Freewallet is KYC fraud.

Victim 2: Endless Document Demands and No Resolution

I’ve been having a nice back and forth with Freewallet “support” for more than two months now. They have been asking for more and more documents and nothing happens. I have provided them with ID, bank statements, etc. I would be very grateful for any advice as to how to proceed. I have about 6,000 EUR worth of coins there.

Additional Stories of Freewallet Scams

Victim 3: Account Lockout and Data Exploitation

In January 2024, I suddenly found myself locked out of my Freewallet account with no explanation. Despite numerous attempts to contact support, I only received generic responses requesting various forms of identification. After providing everything they asked for, I was still unable to regain access. A few days later, I noticed suspicious activity in my bank account and realized that the personal information I had submitted to Freewallet was likely exploited.

Victim 4: Balance Manipulation and Lost Funds

Last November, I noticed discrepancies in my Freewallet balance. The app showed I had 10 ETH, but Etherscan revealed my wallet was empty. After contacting support, they claimed there was a technical glitch and assured me it would be resolved. Weeks went by without any resolution, and my repeated follow-ups were met with silence. I’ve since lost all hope of recovering my funds.

How Freewallet Scammers Operate

The reported experiences of these victims are not isolated incidents. There are hundreds of similar complaints against Freewallet, with users reporting unauthorized withdrawals, unresponsive customer service, and prolonged communication that leads nowhere. Here’s a breakdown of common scam tactics:

  • Unauthorized Transactions: Scammers withdraw funds from users’ wallets without consent.
  • Document Demands: They request excessive documentation under the guise of verification but never resolve the issues. This type of fraud is known as the Freewallet KYC scam.
  • Interface Discrepancies: Users see correct balances in the app, but blockchain explorers show empty or altered balances.
  • Inadequate Support: After initial contact, support either ignores follow-ups or provides vague, unhelpful responses.

Tips for Freewallet Scam Victims

If you believe you have been scammed by Freewallet, here are steps you can take:

  1. Document Everything: Keep detailed records of all interactions with Freewallet support, including screenshots, emails, and chat logs. This documentation is crucial for reporting and legal actions.
  2. Report the Incident:
    • File a Complaint: Report to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) or the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) in the US. Also, consider reporting to your local financial regulatory body or cybercrime unit.
    • Contact Apple via To request the removal of the Freewallet app from the App Store, file a complaint addressed to Apple through the Better Business Bureau ( Follow these steps:
      • Go to
      • Click on “File a Complaint.”
      • Select “Apple” as the company and follow the prompts to detail your experience and request the app’s removal.
  3. Seek Legal Advice: Consult with a lawyer specializing in cryptocurrency or financial fraud. They can guide you on potential legal actions and help you understand your rights.
  4. Warn Others: Share your experience on social media, cryptocurrency forums, and review sites to warn others about Freewallet. Raising awareness can help prevent further scams.
  5. Contact Us for Support: Reach out to us via email at for legal and informational support. We can provide guidance, help consolidate cases, and increase the pressure on Freewallet to address these issues.


Stay safe, stay informed, and never use Freewallet. It’s a total scam.

Despite numerous negative reviews, scammers continue to deceive gullible users. Don’t become another victim, don’t install this app!