Freewallet review: stay away from this scam project!

Multi wallet by Freewallet org might seem like a good tool for storing and receiving cryptocurrencies. But in reality, this project was created by scammers. The Freewallet app’s only mission is to steal your assets! Read this text so as not to fall into the bait of scammers and not lose your money!

We have prepared a Freewallet review that shows the truth about one of the biggest scam projects ever!

freewallet review show its a scam

Freewallet review

The main website of Freewallet scammers indicates that the project was created in 2016 in Estonia. Marketers are promoting this app. Freewallet reviews are written by competent PR managers and attract new customers. If you have just started looking at Freewallet reviews, stop! All texts with good marks are written to order, for the money of victims who have lost their assets! The words of Freewallet scammers cannot be trusted.

Freewallet steals money


Freewallet is scam

Who is the real CEO and owner of Multi wallet by Freewallet org? Do you think this is some Alvin Hagg, Freewallet co-founder? You are wrong. The real owners of the project hide their names. But from various sources, it was possible to find out that presumably, a group of immigrants from Russia is behind the project.


For example, it has been mentioned that this project’s leaders are UK residents Dmitrey Gunyashov and Alexey Gunyashov and a guy from Russia named Vasilli Meschyerokov. Some witnesses also mention Andrey Savchenko as one of the investors.

Alvin Hagg, freewallet co-founder just a figurehead, and a cover for the scammers from this group. Hagg’s task is to tell everyone that Freewallet is safe and legit. He regularly posts about how secure is Freewallet. Meanwhile, Gunyashov, Meschyerokov, and Savchenko are stealing millions of dollars from app customers.


To prove that Freewallet is a scam, it is enough to check the company’s legal status listed on the wallet website’s main page.

According to the official website, the owner of the service is Wallet Services Limited, registered in Hong Kong.

A simple search reveals that Wallet Services Limited… ceased to exist in January 2022! That means: today Freewallet has no official owner.

In the event of claims, the victims will not even have a person from whom compensation can be demanded. Unfortunately, not all beginners are aware of such nuances, which leads to the theft of coins and tokens from the wallets of gullible users.


How Freewallet org steals victims’ money

There are thousands of real Freewallet reviews on the web. Users of the application indicate such complaints:

  • The administration stole the money by deleting all records of the transaction. There have been dozens of such cases in recent years. The victim transfers tokens or coins to the Freewallet wallet, but the assets do not appear on their balance. The transaction history is empty, the support service is silent. And blockchain explorers show that the assets suddenly ended up in a completely different wallet!
  • If the victim receives a large transfer, the administration does otherwise. Freewallet scammers block the user’s account. When he asks if it is possible to withdraw money, the support service requires verification. At the same time, the support responds slowly, and each time it asks to send new and new documents. Such correspondence lasts until the victim comes to terms with the loss of assets.

Read real Freewallet reviews written by victims who have lost coins. You will see thousands of cases where scammers simply blacklisted users and stole their assets.

freewallet is safe and legit?

Is Freewallet safe?

Only a non-custodial wallet can be considered truly safe. Who owns the keys, owns the money! The keys to Freewallet org wallets belong to the administration. Therefore, if you ask if is Freewallet safe, see how the creators of the project steal their customers’ savings.

In May 2023, one of the clients installed the Freewallet app. He made 3 payments to deposit crypto to the wallet. Not a single translation has been received.

Freewallet is not safe

The blockchain explorer shows that the coins were immediately sent to a third-party address. The support service stubbornly ignored all the requests of the victim.

Is Freewallet legit?

In most of the real Freewallet org reviews, the victims tell how the administration simply blocked their accounts. Such a freeze is carried out under the formal pretext of combating money laundering. But in reality, this has nothing to do with KYC. Freewallet is not legit, but scammers from this group are advised by competent lawyers.

In the user agreement, the administration expressly states that it can freeze any account and require any documents from the client. Using this item, scammers from Freewallet org simply steal customers’ tokens and coins.

If you ask, is Freewallet legit, look at reviews that show how fraudulent is this service. 

This person, in a Freewallet review, told how the administration froze 100,000 USDT in his wallet. The scammers demanded many documents from him, and even a video. Although the victim provided everything that the administration required, the wallet was never unlocked.

bad freewallet review

This review reports a theft of $100,000, but there are hundreds of similar complaints!

How secure is Freewallet?

From time to time, hackers hack the servers of crypto-exchanges and other financial services. Clients are rightly afraid of losing money due to another attack.

But in the case of Freewallet, this does not matter. Freewallet is a scam. Its creators specifically launched the project to take tokens and coins from the victims and ignore the victims themselves. Do not try to read technical documentation to understand how secure is Freewallet. Hackers can break into this site, but no matter how successful the attack is, you will lose your savings anyway.

A user with the pseudonym mgxmgx raised money to undergo cancer treatment. As soon as a large amount was collected in his wallet, the administration simply froze the account. The patient was robbed of all his savings. His review of Freewallet is a cry of despair because even a serious illness of the client did not stop the scammers from the site administration!

is freewallet legit

If you are still wondering if Freewallet is good, read more reviews and you will see that these scammers are ready to steal both $100 and $500,000. And every day new victims come to them because their marketing service works perfectly.

Freewallet reviews

Fraudsters from this site have already robbed thousands of victims. Want to know how they do it? The answer is simple: reviews. Freewallet representatives are actively involved in all discussions related to blocking accounts, missing transactions, and other manifestations of fraud. In each discussion, the application representative pretends that the client made a mistake: he transferred money to the wrong address, indicated the wrong blockchain, and did not provide the necessary documents. Such activity allows you to hide fraud on the part of the administration. Casual visitors may believe that the client really made a mistake. In fact, 95% of victims lose money through no fault. Simply Freewallet is a scam designed to steal assets

Is Freewallet good?

The second way to attract new victims is prepaid reviews. The administration pays money to authors for comments in which they rate this application highly. It is not difficult to distinguish real reviews about Freewallet from custom ones. See how similar the style of all good-rated comments is.

Freewallet fake reviews

Real customers would not write so many flattering words about a regular crypto wallet. But it’s easy to find people online who are ready to leave a comment on any site for a couple of dollars. This is how scammers get good reviews about Freewallet bitcoin wallet

Freewallet org review by real customers

Enter the query ethereum freewallet review or how secure is freewallet cryptocurrency. Links from the homepage will take you to forums, Reddit, Twitter, and other review sites. In almost every comment you will see complaints from people who have lost their assets. Unfortunately, most users only read comments after they create their own wallets and let scammers steal their money.

A standard Freewallet org review by real customers looks something like this: I deposited cryptocurrency into my wallet, and when I tried to withdraw my savings, the administration blocked the account. I have been writing to them for a long time, but they respond with the same type and repetitive messages. The security service requires new documents every time. I sent photos, videos, and bank statements, but it did not help. Freewallet is a scam!

Let’s stop Freewallet scam

It’s time to bring the scammers to justice! We filed a formal crime report with the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau. The crime report is registered under the number NFRC230806087223. Since the owners of the Freewallet site may reside in the United Kingdom, this crime is under the jurisdiction of law enforcement in the United Kingdom and the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau. To expedite the arrest and trial of Freewallet scammers, we ask everyone to sign a petition demanding a fair investigation into the activities of these scammers.

The petition is available at


It will only take a couple of minutes to sign, but it is a real way to get the creators of the Freewallet wallet arrested. Spread the link to this petition so that thousands of victims have a chance to return their money.

Conclusion is neither legit nor safe. It’s a scam project that threatens thousands of customers. 

If you wanna know if Freewallet is legit, check official information about websites owner. You’ll find out that there is no registered company that would be responsible for payments and holding clients assets. Alvin Hagg, freewallet co-founder just a figurehead, and a cover for the scammers from this group.

If you wanna know how secure is freewallet, pay attention that it’s a custodial wallet. You don’t own the keys, the administration does. So that they can steal your assets anytime the wish.

If you ask, is Freewallet safe, look at reviews that show how fraudelent is this service. Administration just frozen thousands of clints accounts. And then support ignores all complaints. So victims just lose their money.

So never use freewallet app. It is a scam!

We ask everyone to sign a petition demanding a fair investigation into the activities of these scammers. The petition is available at It will only take a couple of minutes to sign, but it is a real way to get the creators of the Freewallet wallet arrested. Spread the link to this petition so that thousands of victims have a chance to return their money.


I lost my money because I was using Freewallet wallet. What should I do now?

Send us your story and we’ll try to help you. Visit our contacts page to keep in touch with us.

What crypto wallet do you suggest to use?

It’s prefferable to look for some non-custodial ones. We aren’t planning to post any advertisments here. But never use Freewallet org. All Freewallet reviews prove that it’s a scam!

How might the petition help for the victims?

 Our petition claims the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau to investigate information shown in crime report which was registered under the number NFRC230806087223. It is a first step to arrest real Freewallet owners and make them return money to their victims!