In August 2023 we created online petition with an appeal to the NFIB to investigate the fraudulent activities of Freewallet owners

It is available here:

We asked everyone to sign this petition, and by now 76 people signed it. We need 24 more signatures. After this, the petition will be sent directly to NFIB officers, who will have to review it and make their desicion.

It’s our chance to stop Freewallet scammers. Please, spend couple minutes to add you signature!

The full text of petition: is a site created by scammers to steal digital money from customer accounts. The site’s owners call their product a cryptocurrency wallet, but it’s actually an app that takes victims’ assets and blocks their accounts.

According to some reports, the owners of Freewallet org are residents of the United Kingdom Dmitrey Gunyashov and Alexey Gunyashov and a guy from Russia named Vasilli Meschyerokov. Some witnesses also mention Andrey Savchenko as one of the investors. (source:

How the fraudulent site Freewallet org works:

  • The victim creates a wallet to receive and send cryptocurrency through the Freewallet app.
    As soon as a large transfer is received on the account, the site administration transfers coins to someone else’s address.
    If the user makes a claim, he is told that he himself sent the money by mistake to the wrong wallet, and the transfer cannot be returned.
    If the client deposits a large amount, the administration blocks the account under the pretext of verification.
    During the verification process, the administration ignores requests and submitted documents, constantly sends new requests.

A detailed description of Freewallet fraud methods can be found at the links:

…and on many other sites and forums! Freewallet scammers stole more than $8,000,000 of savings from thousands of victims. Among the victims there are people who collected this money for cancer treatment or made a transfer to celebrate their daughter’s birthday.

We ask you to sign this petition to the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau. On August 2, 2023, we submitted a formal request to this authority to conduct an investigation. The crime report is registered under the number NFRC230806087223. Since the owners of the Freewallet site may reside in the United Kingdom, this crime is under the jurisdiction of law enforcement in the United Kingdom and the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau.

Some of the victims may also be residents of the UK. Some – live in other countries. According to sections 1, 2 Fraud Act 2006, a person is guilty of fraud if he is in breach of any of the sections listed in subsection (2) (which provide for different ways of committing the offence).A person is in breach of this section if he— dishonestly makes a false representation. owners commited false representation of a possibillity of cryptocurrency payments and then appropriated their victims digital asssets. According to this, we ask you to sign this petition and we ask NFIB to investigate and bring the founders of the fraudulent Freewallet project to justice!