Alvin Hagg came to the attention of law enforcement officers

Alvin Hagg came to the attention of law enforcement officers. The head and co-founder of Freewallet may soon be under arrest. We have certain information that is not worth mentioning for now so as not to harm the interests of the investigation. But to put it briefly, the police of one of the countries became […]

Кошелек Freewallet создан мошенниками!

Freewallet org – мошеннический проект. На нашем сайте мы неоднократно описывали, как администрация крадет деньги клиентов. Большинство отзывов о Freewallet опубликовано на англоязычных ресурсах. Но мы знаем, что это мошенническое приложение обокрало тысячи клиентов из разных стран. Поэтому мы запускам отдельные сайты на нескольких языках для помощи пострадавшим. Наш сайт для русскоязычных пользователей. На […]

Freewallet: new episodes of scam and new tips for victims of this fraud

Freewallet: new episodes of scam and new tips for victims of this fraud We continue to expose scammers from the Freewallet project team who steal clients’ assets. In various materials you can find detailed reviews and evidence of scam. Freewallet is not a safe and secure crypto wallet. It’s a total scam. And today we […]

Freewallet announced the launch of a new wallet with the user’s private keys. But this is the same scam!

Freewallet scammers realized that users no longer trust their application. In numerous complaints, clients described the impossibility of withdrawing money and the fact that the user did not have private keys. To attract new victims, the scammers resorted to yet another trick. They launched a new version of the application in which the client can […]

Freewallet is scam: full review

Freewallet, a cryptocurrency wallet provider, has gained attention in the digital asset community with its promises of secure storage and convenient management of various cryptocurrencies. However, it has also drawn significant criticism and skepticism from users who allege that it is nothing more than a scam. In this comprehensive review, we will delve into the […]

Is it possible to return money stolen by scammers?

This question worries Freewallet clients most of all. Indeed, in most cases, the administration blocks the account as soon as the client receives the transfer. Due to the impossibility of withdrawing coins, users first try to negotiate with support, send documents, and ask to unlock the wallet. But at some point, despair sets in and […]

Freewallet scammers use well-known crypto portals to deceive their clients.

Freewallet scammers use well-known crypto projects to deceive customers! “Introducing our new media partner: CoinSpeaker.” “Freewallet serves as the official wallet for the KIN cryptocurrency.” “Freewallet was featured on a Netflix show.” A closer look reveals that while Freewallet’s official blog features dozens of pages implying endorsements from major crypto portals and projects, the reality […]

How victims of Freewallet scam can file a police report

According to our data, at least a thousand users have already lost money due to the actions of the Freewallet org administration. Unfortunately, many of them do not believe in the effectiveness of law enforcement agencies. But in vain. After all, every well-written statement about a crime increases the chances of achieving justice! Today our […]

Remove Freewallet scam from App Store!

Remove Freewallet scam from App Store! Thousands of crypto traders and investors lose their savings every day due to fraudulent applications. One such service is multi wallet by Freewallet. As soon as the user sends coins to his address, the administration blocks their withdrawal. The victim loses assets and situations like this happen every day. […]

Why UK Police authorities are covering up Freewallet scams?

Why UK Police authorities are covering up Freewallet scams? Multi crypto wallet by Freewallet org is a fraudulent application created to steal tokens and coins. According to our data, the real founder and leader of the project is Russian citizen Dmitry Gunyashov, who is now living or at least visiting London. In this regard, back […]