Freewallet scammers use well-known crypto portals to deceive their clients.

Freewallet scammers use well-known crypto projects to deceive customers! “Introducing our new media partner: CoinSpeaker.” “Freewallet serves as the official wallet for the KIN cryptocurrency.” “Freewallet was featured on a Netflix show.” A closer look reveals that while Freewallet’s official blog features dozens of pages implying endorsements from major crypto portals and projects, the reality […]

How victims of Freewallet scam can file a police report

According to our data, at least a thousand users have already lost money due to the actions of the Freewallet org administration. Unfortunately, many of them do not believe in the effectiveness of law enforcement agencies. But in vain. After all, every well-written statement about a crime increases the chances of achieving justice! Today our […]

Remove Freewallet scam from App Store!

Remove Freewallet scam from App Store! Thousands of crypto traders and investors lose their savings every day due to fraudulent applications. One such service is multi wallet by Freewallet. As soon as the user sends coins to his address, the administration blocks their withdrawal. The victim loses assets and situations like this happen every day. […]

Why UK Police authorities are covering up Freewallet scams?

Why UK Police authorities are covering up Freewallet scams? Multi crypto wallet by Freewallet org is a fraudulent application created to steal tokens and coins. According to our data, the real founder and leader of the project is Russian citizen Dmitry Gunyashov, who is now living or at least visiting London. In this regard, back […]

How to steal millions without going to jail

How to steal millions without going to jail “A man who has never gone to school may steal a freight car; but if he has a university education, he may steal the whole railroad.” Theodore Roosevelt, 1858-1919, American President [1901-1909] Theft is a crime, just like fraud or hacking into other people’s accounts. But while […]

Help us investigate crimes committed by Freewallet org owners

Help us investigate crimes commited by Freewallet org owners! Dear law enforcement officers, journalists, traders and clients who have suffered from the Freewallet scam! The editors of our site have found out that 2 Russian citizens may be behind the theft of millions of dollars from the wallets of Freewallet org clients: Dmitry (Dmitrey) Gunyashov […]

Who is a real owner of Freewallet scam?

cryptopay freewallet scam

We conducted our own investigation and came to an unexpected conclusion! The real organizers of the Freewallet scam are two immigrants from Russia. Moreover, they are also involved in the activities of another major fraudulent cryptocurrency project – Cryptopay. It’s time to call their names!

From Freewallet to bank: the administration won’t let you to do this

freewallet to bank and paypal

Is it possible to withdraw coins from Freewallet to bank? At first glance, the answer seems obvious. Any normal wallet allows users to send coins and tokens to the wallets of crypto exchanges and exchange services, and then exchange them for fiat money. Alas, in the case of Freewallet coins will probably be stolen by the Administration. That’s why it’s almost impossible to withdraw money from Freewallet to bank.

Freewallet bitcoin gold, BTC, litecoin: never use!

          Freewallet bitcoin gold, BTC, litecoin: never use! Never use Freewallet to store, receive or send Bitcoin, LTC, XMR or other coins. Otherwise, you will lose your assets.  If you have landed on this page, then most likely you wanted to know if Freewallet is suitable for Bitcoin Gold, Litecoin or […]

Report freewallet scam attempt

          Report freewallet scam attempt Is your wallet blocked by support? Are the coins frozen? Did Freewallet steal your assets by canceling the transaction? Let’s fight these scammers together! Tell us about the incident by emailing Our lawyers will consult you for free, help you collect evidence and prepare an […]