From Freewallet to bank: the administration won’t let you to do this

Is it possible to withdraw coins from Freewallet to bank? At first glance, the answer seems obvious. Any normal wallet allows users to send coins and tokens to the wallets of crypto exchanges and exchange services, and then exchange them for fiat money. Alas, in the case of Freewallet coins will probably be stolen by the Administration. That’s why it’s almost impossible to withdraw money from Freewallet to bank.

How to withdraw money from Freewallet Multi crypto wallet


The answer, again, will seem obvious. You need to:

  1. Find a service for exchanging coins for fiat (exchange, exchange office, P2P service).
  2. Send assets there.
  3. Wait for the exchange to complete


These methods work with any wallet, but not Freewallet! Look at the screenshot of the review from one of the victims! This person deposited almost $100,000 into his address. He cannot send money from Freewallet to a bank because his wallet is frozen.

The victim sent not only scans of documents, but even video confirmation of his identity. But even this did not help unlock his wallet.

From Freewallet to PayPal


Another situation happened with a man named Jason. He wanted to send coins from Freewallet to PayPal. Jason found a P2P service providing opportunity to exchange Freewallet to Paypal.

In the morning Jason noticed that transaction just dissappered from his account history. At the same time blockchain explorer showed that coins were gone but to the wrong adress.

Freewallet support didn’t help at all. Administration said “it was a users mistake”. But actually Jason is sure that his coins were stolen by Freewallet owners!

Freewallet Smart Payout

We are 100% sure that the owners of the Freewallet org website are engaged in illegal activities, stealing client assets. There are dozens of reviews about Freewallet on our website. The site administration blocks wallets without reason and ignores requests and letters from clients. In addition, under the guise of Freewallet issues, banal theft of tokens and coins often occurs.

But Freewallet owners have good and effective marketing. They advertice opportunities to do Smart Pay Out in Freewallet, send money from Freewallet to PayPal or bank account. This is a lie!

As soon as your Freewallet Smart Pay out transaction will be completed, The security service will block the wallet under the guise of KYC. But even providing all the documents does not guarantee verification. We are sure that in this way, attackers are simply playing for time so that at some point the victim will forget about their assets. Additionally, the Freewallet advertising service removes negative comments and posts fake positive reviews instead.

Never use Freewallet Smart Pay Out and this “wallet” in general! Otherwise you’ll lose everything!

Freewallet private keys

Another reason to never use this service. Private keys are actually your assets. If the keys are not stored with you, then another person can take your coins and tokens at any time. On Freewallet private keys are in the hands of the company owners. At its discretion, the administration blocks users, freezes their accounts, cancels transactions and deletes them from history. Not your keys – not your coins. The victims cannot do anything about the attackers. The only way to protect yourself is not to create a Freewallet wallet.

Sign a petition to investigate Freewallet scam!

You can find hundreds of complaints against Freewallet on Reddit, crypto forums, Facebook publics etc.

According to our calculations, due to the actions of the Freewallet org administration, users have already lost more than $8,000,000. And this scam continues, attracting new victims. It’s time to end fraud and asset theft! Transactions on the Internet should be safe, without fraud attempts.

Our team encourages everyone to sign the petition demanding an investigation into the crimes committed by the owners of Freewallet org. Dozens of clients tried to withdraw coins from Freewallet to bank, PayPal, but couldn’t do it because of fraudulent activities of Freewallet org owners.

The petition is available here:


Some people think they might send money from Freewallet to bank account, from Freewallet to Paypal etc. This is a mistake. Freewallet administration owns your private keys and has opportunities to block any account or to steal your assets. “Not your keys – not your coins”.

Moreover, you can find dozens of reviews confirming that the administration of Freewallet org illegally seizes assets and blocks clients.

Never use this wallet! Withdraw your coins from it as soon as possible and sign a petition to investigate Freewallet Internet Fraud!