Freewallet scam on Reddit

Reddit is one of the most known websites with discussions about cryptocurrencies and crypto wallets. Freewallet Reddit reviews show that this “wallet” is a total scam, that was created to steal customers assets. Let’s check some stories from there.

Freewallet Reddit

Just enter a search term “Freewallet Reddit”, and you’ll see more then a dozen of negative comments and reviews. Users ask for help because this wallet blocks their accounts. You can also find complaints about lost transactions. It’s not an accident but a purposeful theft of coins and tokens from the wallets of victims, organized by the owners of Freewallet org

Freewallet scam Reddit

A complaint #1. A person with nickname tOOSSet asks for help because his/her XMR coins got stuck in this “wallet”. The support is not helping at all, they just ignore all the requests. 

Looking ahead, we note that the owners of this site do not bother about reputation at all. Their goal is to attract victims, so they usually remove any negative mentions of all issues. For example, several of our domains have already been blocked at the request of their lawyers, although our only goal is to warn users about the dangers of using Freewallet

A complaint #2

In this screenshot, the story of the victim from the Freewallet scam. Moreover, the victim lost money twice: first when exchanging assets, and then when purchasing a gift card. You can read more about why you should not believe in low Freewallet fees at this link.

More Reddit Freewallet complaints

The owners of Freewallet org simply stole the victim’s coins. The transaction seems to have disappeared. Only the threat of applying to Interpol saved the client from losing money. As soon as the administration became aware of a possible investigation, it returned the transfer. But this only happens if Freewallet scammers feel the risk of being held accountable. Therefore, our task is to make sure that law enforcement agencies conduct a fair investigation.

We ask you to sign a petition to the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau. On August 2, 2023, we submitted a formal request to this authority to conduct an investigation. The crime report is registered under the number NFRC230806087223. Since the owners of the Freewallet site may reside in the United Kingdom, this crime is under the jurisdiction of law enforcement in the United Kingdom and the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau.

The petition is available here:

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Anyone use freewallet? My money is stuck! – this question is asked by one of the victims. Yes, the money is stuck. According to this scheme, Freewallet owners steal thousands of coins every day. Under the guise of “anti-money laundering policy” they simply block the account and start ignoring the requests. Some victims even provided video recordings against the background of documents and a computer, but this did not help return access to assets.

reddit freewallet complaints

FreeWallet scams users sporadically and infrequently enough to go largely unnoticed. There are a few methods – one of which is to flash fake wallet addresses upon deposit which don’t actually belong to you at all.

this is what another user comments on Reddit. The site owners have come up with many tricks to trick customers and steal their assets. At the same time, competent lawyers work in the company, who do everything so that fraudsters avoid liability.


On Reddit Freewallet was repeatedly accused of fraud. You can find dozens of Reddit Freewallet scam complaints. Unfortunately, this does not help and every day there are new victims.But that doesn’t mean the scammers can’t be stopped. Our team submits official requests to law enforcement agencies in different countries. In the case of Freewallet scam, Reddit might be a good place to file a complaint. But we also advise you to write to us by mail or Telegram to get qualified legal assistance:



We also call for the signing of a petition demanding an investigation into Freewallet owners.