Sign a petition calling for an investigation against Freewallet org owners

The Freewallet org administration is engaged in fraud. Under the guise of a cryptocurrency wallet, these people get access to clients’ assets. After that, the victim’s account get’s blocked, and after a while the tokens and coins are withdrawn to the personal wallets of the organizers of the scheme.

More than $8,000,000 have already been stolen from Freewallet customers this way!

Our site,, was created by an initiative group of people who want to stop this massive scam and hold Freewallet org owners accountable.

We do not pursue any other goals:

  • We do not advertise other wallets or crypto exchanges.
  • We do not provide paid services (including victims).
  • We do not collect donations.

Less than a month ago, we launched to warn people about the dangerous Freewallet scam. We published a journalist investigation in which we found out a huge number of cases of theft of money, indicated the stories and testimonials of the victims.

The administration of the could give a public response to these accusations. If Freewallet org really was a decent service, its representatives would at least try to explain the reasons why hundreds of people lost assets by transferring them to the wallets of this “company”. Instead, Freewallet lawyers are writing complaints accusing us in “illegal use of the trademark name”, although there is no evidence that such a trademark even exists (on the official website of Freewallet it is indicated that the owner of the service is a defunct company).

As a result, Freewallet scammers blocked 2 of our domains ( and without any reason. This  trick didn’t stop us, but on the contrary, only convinced us that we were right. If Freewallet were honest, they would be open to public discussion. But they hide from answering the questions of hundreds of victims and try to block resources where potential customers can read real reviews.

Our fight against fraudsters is not limited to informational materials. As there is evidence that the organizers of Freewallet live in the UK, we have submitted a formal request to the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB), the competent law enforcement agency in the United Kingdom. The crime report is registered under the number NFRC230806087223.

Now we need to ensure that the NFIB staff conduct an independent investigation and hold the wallet owners accountable. With such an appeal, we have created a petition. You can sign it using this link:

Why everyone should leave their signature:

  • Freewallet scammers are terribly afraid of the publicity of their crimes. Therefore, they try to block any negative information. Our petition helps thousands of people find out about the scam and not lose their savings.
  • If the petition gets 1,000 or more votes, this will be an additional incentive for law enforcement. The greater the resonance, the faster and more actively the investigation will be carried out.
  • Victims of the Freewallet scam scheme have a real chance to get their stolen coins back. This can be achieved in court, but in order to win, you need to ensure that the Freewallet project is officially recognized as fraudulent.

You can sign the petition at in just 2 minutes!

petition about freewallet scam

Share this text and link to our petition! Thousands of people who lost money because of Freewallet org can get their savings back, and criminals can be held accountable. The main thing is to be active now!

Some people may ask, why are we claimig exactly NFIB to start this investigation. The answer is rather simple. We know who are the real Freewallet owners! Their names are Dmitry Gunyashov and Vasily Mesheryakov. They both were born in Russia, but Gunyashov lives in Lisbon and have business connections in the UK.

Since NFIB is investigating crimes commited in the United Kingdom, it may be a great chance to arrest and punish Dmitry Gunyashov. Another Freewallet owners Vasily Mesheryakov and Alexei Gunyashov may also live here (we don’t know this right now).

So that, our petition is not just a Freewallet scam review. It’s a real instrument to make the police officer arrest scammers!