Freewallet issues

Freewallet org is a scammers website, created to steal your money. We’ve already found more then 100 cases of fraudelent activity o Freewallet support. It is essential to address concerns and issues related to any platform or service in order to provide accurate and helpful information. But in this section, we will discuss some of the issues reported with Freewallet, and prove claims that it is a scam project created by scammers to steal users’ money. We will also explore typical problems faced by users such as encountering errors, black screens, delayed transactions, and the reliability of Freewallet as a crypto wallet option. By shedding light on these topics, we aim to provide clarity and help users make informed decisions about their cryptocurrency storage options.

Freewallet is a total scam!

This is first thing that you need to realize. There are thousands of different cryptowallets. Some of them are better, some are worse. In general, it’s preferable to use non custodial wallets to store your tokens and coins. On the other hand, custodial online solutions may be more user friendly. But there is no reason to discuss better or worse cryptowallets. Freewallet is a scam project. You can find dozens of stories how users lost their assets because freewallet org team wanted to steal them.

Freewallet issues appear not because of some technical error or random failure. If freewallet screen goes black and you don’t see the history of your transactions, or if freewallet transaction still exchanging for 3 days, there is no reason to ask support about those issues. In 99% such situations happen just because freewallet wants to steal your assets.


In June, 2017 many customers notified that their coins disappeared from their freewallet crypto addresses. Those assets were transferred to some other wallets without any warning. 

Analysts recorded that thousands of ETH were lost during the process.

Freewallet support

If you encounter issues on Freewallet, write to support. 

This advice is usually seen by victims who have lost coins or access to their account. Alas, in the case of Freewallet, this recommendation does not make sense. The support service does not help users, but deliberately takes time so that over time they come to terms with the loss of assets

This usually happens when the site administration blocks the victim’s account under the guise of verification.

In 2020, a user with the nickname kfares started a freewallet wallet to accept payments for work. It seemed to him that everything was in order, the assets were stored in a safe place. But in 2023, kfares tried to withdraw the coins, and was unable to do so. The administration simply froze his account. The victim sent scans, photographs, filled out a questionnaire. But nothing helped. Freewallet support simply ignored all requests.


Why such Freewallet issues occur? The answer is simple: Freewallet support just scams it’s clients. After the wallet is frozen, a customer may forget about his assets. They will be sent to another address and the support will answer something like “Sorry but you still need to pass the verification. Please, provide more documents”.

The most common Freewallet problems

Most often, victims describe such issues:

  • Freewallet can’t send to my address litecoin, BTC or other cryptocurrency
  • Freewallet shows “an error occurred try again later”.
  • Cannot withdraw assets from my wallet.
  • Transaction is lost or sent to wrong address.

If one of such issues happened to you, we are sorry to inform that probably you became a new victim of freewallet scam. But it doesn’t mean that there is no hope to get your assets back! 

Here are some advice for you:

  1. Don’t waste time thinking if is freewallet a good crypto wallet. It’s definitely a scam. They are so insolent that can even steal money from patients with cancer or people who collected cryptocurrency to buy their daughter a birthday gift.
  2. Tell us about your problem. You can find contacts here. We’ll try to provide you with legal assistance.
  3. Explain your problems in the crypto community. Freewallet scammers are afraid of public attention.
  4. Sign up the petition claiming the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau to investigate Freewallet scammers’ crime activities. This is the only legal way to force them to return the stolen money
  5. Make all possible screenshots and video records of your wallet, assets, and transaction history. It’s really important to do such things before Freewallet scammers will delete the proof. 

There are numerous customers who lost their money due to Freewallet scam.

A few days prior, on 08/02/2023 we made an authority wrongdoing report to the NFIB (a UK authority that researches online trick and extortion violations) about Freewallet scammers. This report was registered by number NFRC230806087223.

Our team created an online petition with an appeal to the NFIB (National Fraud Intelligence Bureau of the UK) to investigate the fraudulent activities of Freewallet owners

It is available here:

If you sign this petition, your vote will help to make NFIB investigate the actions of Freewallet scam project founders. This is a chance to make them return all stolen coins and prevent new episodes of Monero Freewallet fraud!