More Freewallet scam victim stories

Freewallet blocked access to the wallet for no reason. Freewallet support is ignoring requests. I sent coins to another person, but they did not reach the addressee. Because of Freewallet, I lost several thousand $.

If you read our website and forum and look for real reviews on the internet, you will find hundreds of similar complaints about the Freewallet crypto wallet. This app is created by scammers who hide their real names and steal coins and tokens from customers every day.

In the previous article, we explained why Freewallet is a scam and what methods they use to steal your money. Today it's time to share new stories of deceit and give advice on how to fight against scammers!

Verification won't help.

Perhaps some of the readers, having studied the last article, will object that the verification procedure (KYC) is a generally accepted way to prevent money laundering. This is true, but real AML and KYC have nothing to do with the lawlessness that the Freewallet wallet administration is doing.

In 2022, a user with the nickname Zestyclose-You-2983 installed the Freewallet app. They almost immediately demanded documents from him to pass verification, and he fulfilled these requirements: filled out a questionnaire and sent a scan of his id. It seemed that the wallet can now be safely used. But as soon as the cryptocurrency arrived at his address, the Freewallet administration blocked the transactions and demanded … to undergo a new verification. The victim sent more than 20 requests to the security service, which did not yield results. Here is how the Freewallet scam victim herself describes the desperation:

When you have multiple customers complaining about their funds being locked for months or even years for some, you can’t talk anymore about the standard verification process.

The fact of fraud has long been known in the crypto community

There are many forums and websites dedicated to cryptocurrency and digital wallets on the web. It has long been known in the community of traders, investors, and developers that Freewallet is a scam. For example, one of the articles tells the story of a man from whom the administration stole almost 0.3 BTC. The scammers assured the victim that there had been a mistake and refused to refund the loss. The freewallet administration just stole his money.

Similarly, back in 2017, a user with the nickname Bumapuma was deceived. His tokens were sent to an address in another cryptocurrency. In this case, it is possible to return the money if the user has a private key. But this data is stored by the Freewallet administration. The victim never received his tokens – the scammers refused to provide any help.

From time to time, journalists publish notes about the fraud of the creators of Freewallet. But so far, the police and intelligence agencies have not done anything to protect the victims!

How to get money, stolen by Freewallet, back?

If you have been scammed by the Freewallet crypto wallet, there is no need to despair. Know that you are not alone! We will fight these criminals together. The activity of everyone who lost money is important to stop this scam wallet:

  • Contact us by going to the "Contacts" page. We collect information about all victims to jointly make appeals to the police, courts, and financial regulators. We guarantee anonymity if you wish.
  • Leave bad reviews about Freewallet scammers. Repost your stories and these materials on websites, forums, and social networks.
  • Send appeals to journalists, human rights activists, the police, and supervisory authorities. If you need help writing a text, please contact us.
  • Don't lose hope. When the Freewallet scammers end up in jail, they will have to pay compensation to the victims to mitigate the punishment. We will achieve this!