Who is a real owner of Freewallet scam?

Alvin Hagg is known as a co-founder and CEO of Freewallet org. Reviews show that is avoid publicity. More then that, several years ago Freewallet scam victims told that highly likely he is just a nominal leader of the project.

We conducted our own investigation and came to an unexpected conclusion! The real organizers of the Freewallet scam are two immigrants from Russia. Moreover, they are also involved in the activities of another major fraudulent cryptocurrency project – Cryptopay. It’s time to call their names!

Freewallet scam vs Cryptopay scam


Marketers at Freewallet org position it as a “safe and reliable multi-currency wallet.” Of course, this is not true. Any freewallet review proves that this is one of the hugest scam projects. Hundreds of clients have already lost their savings here as a result of blocking or failed transactions.

Cryptopay. Payment and exchange service. This project attracts victims with low fees. But then the victims simply cannot withdraw their assets.

Cryptopay and Freewallet are two largest crypto scam projects. And as it turned out, they have the same owners and leaders. No wonder they use similar methods to steal clients’ assets!

Dmitry Gunyashov, the owner of Freewallet scam


The primary individual worth focusing in our investigation is Dmitry Andreevich Gunyashov. This man was born in 1988 in St. Petersburg (Soviet Union, now – one of two biggest cities of Russia). Dmitry’s Facebook page shows that nowadays he lives in the capital of Portugal, Lisbon.

Simultaneously, Dmitry doesn’t conceal his alliance with the top administration of Cryptopay. Both the authority reports of the assistance and its own pages show that Gunyashov is the prime supporter and head of Cryptopay. Concerning Freewallet scam, there are no such notices in the public space. However, we will discuss this aspect later.

We do not know the exact distribution of roles in the Freewallet/Cryptopay group of owners. But we can assume that Dmitry Gunyashov is the head of their organization. In any case, he is not hiding leadership in Cryptopay and, although he has no experience in managing a real business, he has a good understanding of how to organize a scam project while avoiding legal liability!

The deception scheme he came up with is really effective:

  • The client creates an account (Freewallet wallet or account on the Cryptopay exchange).
  • He deposits money into the balance (tokens, coins, and in the case of an exchange, fiat).
  • Under the pretext of a technical failure or as part of the KYC policy, the victim’s account is blocked. Moreover, from the very beginning the user does not have private keys, so the user cannot withdraw assets.
  • Some of the victims’ money is appropriated by scammers, and some is used for aggressive marketing promotion of the wallet and exchange.

Typical scheme of Freewallet scam. Same methods are used on Cryptopay website.

Both Freewallet and Cryptopay have very terrible notorieties in the crypto community.

But with the cash from the customers, Gunyashov and his colleagues purchase positive surveys and persuade perusers that every one of the slip-ups that happened to clients are unique misunderstandings. And new customers often don’t see real Freewallet reviews, and trust this scammers.

Vasily Meshcheryakov

Vasily Vyacheslavovich Meshcheryakov is also from Russia, and also was born in Leningrad/ St. Petersburg. Unlike Gunyashov, Meshcheryakov’s main role is marketing promotion of fraudulent projects. It is possible that his wife, Natalya Vladimirovna Ogneva, is another possible member of the group and helps him to get positive reviews and advertisments.

However, Meshcheryakov’s activities are not limited to Cryptopay and Freewallet. Since 2017, Vasily has held the position of General Director of the Russian company Dioram. As stated on the company’s official website, “our mission is to bring the latest computer vision technologies that can help people from laboratories to homes and to the streets.” At the same time, the Dioram company receives funding from the state budget. For example, in 2018, as part of government procurement for one of the museums, Dioram LLC was supposed to supply equipment worth almost 1.5 million rubles.

Other possible owners of Freewallet scam

Our investigation is not yet complete. We cannot give a complete list of those involved in the Freewallet scam. But there is a possibility that Dmitry Gunyashov’s brother, Alexey, and his close friend, Anton Makhno, are also involved in the group’s activities. Both of these people have repeatedly tried to advertise financial pyramids and dubious investment projects. But they were not successful. So their participation in Freewallet and Cryptopay could be a way to line the pockets of victims with money, under the guidance of more experienced friends.

Please note these 2 negative comments. On the left is a victim who lost access to coins on Freewallet org. On the right is a victim of the Cryptopay service. Similar stories confirming that these projects have the same owner. And it works using the same methods.

We will seek a fair investigation and prosecution of Freewallet scammers. If you have more information, please let us know via contacts. We guarantee complete confidentiality and urge you to help victims recover the money stolen from them!