Freewallet fees: seem small, but not worth it

Freewallet fees seem small. Any crypto investor or trader values ​​money and does not want to overpay for each transaction. It’s an understandable feeling. But Freewallet transfer fees are kept low for the sole purpose of attracting as many victims as possible to this scam.

freewallet fees are low

Freewallet withdrawal fee

Asset withdrawal costs depend on the type of token or coin. Most often, there is a minimum fee in a crypto wallet. You can pay more, and then the probability of a transaction entering the next block will increase. This principle applies to many cryptocurrencies available on Freewallet: BTC, BCC, ZCASH etc.

Freewallet withdrawal fee is a bait. 

As soon as you deposit tokens or coins to your wallet, the security service will freeze your account. You will no longer be able to cash out assets. The security service will ignore appeals, demand more and more documents. Hundreds of victims have already lost their savings this way.

freewallet transfer fee scam

Freewallet exchange fees

It seems that those who believe in low freewallet exchange fees also face a problem. On this page:

there is a story of a victim whose transactions after the asset exchange simply disappeared. Freewallet scammers removed records from history. The evidence remains directly on the blockchain, but the help desk simply ignores requests for help.

Freewallet is a total scam. 

The project owners receive the main income not from fees, but from stealing clients’ money. If you believe that Freewallet fees are 1%, 2%, or even 10% lower than the competition, you will lose everything!

Don’t let scammers to steal your coins. Don’t use Freewallet. Choose reliable, proven cryptocurrency wallets and exchange services. We do not advertise any of them, but only try to warn new victims from a rash act.

If you already believe in low monero “freewallet” transfer fees, and your account was blocked for no reason, let’s try fo fight against those scammers.

Sign a petition claiming the NFIB to investigate freewallet scam. The petition already gain more then 25 signatures and will help to stop Freewallet fraud. Sign it now here: