Help us investigate crimes commited by Freewallet org owners!

Dear law enforcement officers, journalists, traders and clients who have suffered from the Freewallet scam!

The editors of our site have found out that 2 Russian citizens may be behind the theft of millions of dollars from the wallets of Freewallet org clients: Dmitry (Dmitrey) Gunyashov and Vasily Meshcheryakov. These individuals created and today advertise the fraudulent application Freewallet, through which users lose their assets.

We have collected enough materials and reviews from victims. Now it’s time to collect information about scammers stealing customer savings!

Dmitry Gunyashov

Dmitry Gunyashov

The possible founder, owner and leader of the group is russian citizen Dmitry Andreevich Gunyashov (may also be known as Dmitrey Guniashov).

He was born on November 28 1988 in Saint-Petersburg. In 2013 Dmitry founded Cryptopay company, which also is involved in the process of stealing customers savings. The main fraudelent project, Freewallet was created later, in 2016.

Full name Dmitry Andreevich Gunyashov (Дмитрий Андреевич Гуняшов)
DOB 28.11.1988
Citizenship Russian Federation
Official adress Engelsa avenue, 111, app 516
Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Real place of living Lisbon (Portugal), also may stay in London (UK)
Phone number +79219965549
Role in Freewallet scam Founder and possible leader

Dmitry Gunyashov own some companies in London and Saint-Petersburg, for example till 2022 he was a co-founder of Macwize LLC (together with his brother Alexei Gunyshov). But Dmitry always tried to hide his liability to Freewallet org crypto wallet. We believe that this is due to the fact that Freewallet was originally planned as a fraud project, so that it’s owners truied to keep anonymity.

Vasilii Mesheryakov

Possible Head of advertising department and marketing promotion specialist of Freewallet scam. Vasilii Vyacheslavovich Mesheryakov is also a russian citizen, also born in Saint-Petersburg. Mesheryakov had several attempts to start a legal business, but all of them were no succesful.

There is also some evidence that Mesheryakov gets additional income from stealing money from Russian budget. Meshcheryakov is part of the management of a company “developing unique robotic technologies.” Most often, such projects with government funding are created for this purpose. to steal money from the budget under the guise of scientific research.

Full name Vasilii Vyacheslavovich Mesheryakov (Василий Вячеславович Мещеряков)
DOB 27.02.1984
Citizenship Russian Federation
Official adress Savushkina str, 125,
building 2 app 119,
Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Real place of living Russia, but may also stain in Prague, Wien, or London
Phone number +79319693585
Role in Freewallet scam Marketing promotion specialist

Why is this information important

We call on police officers and other law enforcement agencies to respond to this information to bring the owners of Freewallet org to justice. If you are a journalist or a regular victim of Freewallet scams, please help us gather more information about the attackers.

We accept any information about Freewallet scam and it’s owners to this email. We guarantee complete anonymity and will do everything to use the information received to catch and punish fraudsters!