We continue the legal fight against the fraudulent Freewallet project. A few days ago we filed a crime report with the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau. Today we sent an additional request to this organization. The text of the appeal can be found below.

Dear NFIB staff!

On August 2, 2023, I filed a complaint about fraud committed by the owners of the freewallet.org website. The appeal was registered under the number NFRC230806087223.

In addition to what I mentioned in my appeal, I would like to note:

The owners of the freewallet.org site could steal money from a significant number of users. Follow these links for testimonials from victims:






Perhaps some of these people live in the United Kingdom and can confirm my accusations in person.

In addition, in order to draw public attention to the Freewallet.org fraud, I have created an online petition, available by the link


Please note that this petition is in no way pressure or coercion of the NFIB to take any action, but is only intended to draw the attention of the victims to the opportunity to protect their rights and legitimate interests.

In this regard, I ask you to attach this appeal to the materials of the investigation and take this information into account when making decisions on the merits of the appeal NFRC230806087223.

Have you lost money due to Freewallet? Did these scammers block your account or steal your coins? Do not be silent! Submit your request through https://www.actionfraud.police.uk/

Sign the petition at https://chng.it/4Py5FcQFq2

These actions take a few minutes, but your activity will help bring the scammers to justice.

If you need qualified legal assistance, please contact us:

Email: freewallet-report@tutanota.com

Telegram: https://t.me/+G8MpF2Y_tK81ZGRk