Why UK Police authorities are covering up Freewallet scams?

Multi crypto wallet by Freewallet org is a fraudulent application created to steal tokens and coins. According to our data, the real founder and leader of the project is Russian citizen Dmitry Gunyashov, who is now living or at least visiting London. In this regard, back in August, we submitted a statement to the NFIB requesting an investigation. But as it turns out, the British police are of little interest in the numerous cases of fraud that also affect citizens of the United Kingdom.

How Freewallet is linked to UK law enforcement

If you go to the Freewallet org website, you will see a lot of beautiful words and recommendations to install their wallet to store cryptocurrency. It is not true. In reality, as soon as tokens or coins are transferred to the user, the administration blocks the withdrawal of assets. Customers may write to support for years but only receive boilerplate responses. In addition, there are many online complaints in which users report suddenly disappearing transactions. In fact, the victims’ assets are transferred to wallets presumably belonging to the owners of Freewallet itself.

Formally, the owner of the fraudulent wallet is considered to be Estonian citizen Alvin Hagg. However, there is evidence online that the real founder and leader of the project is a native of the Russian Federation, Dmitry Gunyashov. At the same time, Dmitry’s Instagram page states that he lives in London. Gunyashov also has official business projects registered in the United Kingdom. These facts allow us to assert that the criminal case of fraud committed by the administration of the Freewallet org wallet falls under the jurisdiction of UK law enforcement, in particular, the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB).

Brief conclusions:

  • Freewallet is a cryptocurrency wallet whose administration steals clients’ assets. When coins are transferred to the user, Freewallet owners block his transactions and ignore requests. 
  • The real founder of the wallet may be Dmitry Gunyashov, who lives or often visits London. 
  • This criminal process falls under the jurisdiction of British law enforcement.

How do the police ignore requests from Freewallet scam victims?

On August 1, 2023, we filed an official crime report addressed to NFIB. This request is registered under number NFRC230806087223. At the same time, we created a petition calling for an investigation into the actions of the Freewallet administration. The petition is available at the link https://chng.it/hJhZVYp5Wy and has already received more than 30 signatures, mainly from victims of the Freewallet scam.

Unfortunately, NFIB ignored both of these appeals. Moreover, a short response was received from the agency’s employees that “Home Office Counting Rules set out the circumstances under which we can record a crime and on this occasion the matter you reported to us cannot be classified as a police recorded crime.”

This situation led us to file a complaint with the Independent Office for Police Conduct. Unfortunately, this measure did not lead to the start of an objective investigation into Freewallet’s actions.

British law enforcement officers are ignoring requests, and thereby covering up scammers!

So, are the UK police authorities covering up Freewallet scams?

For now, we cannot say categorically about this. One of the employees may have made a mistake and accidentally should have paid attention to the facts stated in our statements. 

But there is another version of why the investigation against the owners of Freewallet has not yet begun. And this reason is corruption. According to our data, the volume of assets stolen from Freewallet org clients exceeds $8,000,000. In addition, Gunyashov owns another similar project called Cryptopay. There are also many complaints about fraud against this company. With significant profits, Freewallet owners can influence the decisions made by law enforcement.

We therefore call on the competent authorities to pay greater attention to the actions of the NFIB and the UK Police. A fair investigation is the only chance for thousands of victims of the Freewallet scam to return their stolen assets! The British police should not only carry out this investigation but also immediately stop the activities of Freewallet scammers. Otherwise, the number of victims will only grow!