Remove Freewallet scam from App Store!

Thousands of crypto traders and investors lose their savings every day due to fraudulent applications. One such service is multi wallet by Freewallet. As soon as the user sends coins to his address, the administration blocks their withdrawal. The victim loses assets and situations like this happen every day. It’s time to stop the Freewallet scam!

We are starting a campaign aimed at removing all Freewallet app builds from the App Store. To do this, everyone who encountered the Freewallet scam needs to send abuses to App Store administration. Please follow the next algorithm:

  1. Write the text of the complaint indicating how Freewallet app deceives users. You can write your own story, or take our sample
  2. Add to your text links to all Freewallet app builds

  1. Send abuses to App Store emails and (preferably sent to both addresses).

Example of a complaint

Please remove Freewallet crypto wallet app builds from Apple store as those apps help steal clients’ digital assets.

Please note that Freewallet “wallet” ( was created by scammers to steal user tokens and coins. There are hundreds of negative reviews and stories told by victims online.

Here is a partial list of cases where customers were scammed and their assets stolen:

Project administration:

  • Substitutes transactions by sending coins to third-party addresses.
  • Blocks wallets under the guise of verification (KYC).
  • Ignores the requests of the victims, demands new documents and refuses any assistance.

The victims of the scam have already lost more than $8,000,000.

Since there is information that the creators of the Freewallet project live in the United Kingdom, a few days ago was submitted an official request about the crime to the National Fraud Investigation Bureau (NFIB, intelligence-bureau ). The request is registered under the number NFRC230806087223.

In addition, there is an online petition calling on the NFIB to conduct a fair investigation:

Therefore, we ask you to help restore justice and protect crypto investors, traders, and ordinary users from fraud:

  • Remove Freewallet app from the list of services.
  • Add a note that this wallet is accused of fraud.
  • Publish the news that the Freewallet administration has been accused of fraud..

Thanks in advance for your cooperation and help!


Another possible example of abuses to AppStore:

Dear administration!
We know that you provide access to downloading app Freewallet multi crypto wallet  ( This app was created to steal client assets. Evidence can be found at the following links:
In addition, it is easy to verify the theft of assets by Freewallet owners on other sites. Simply enter the query “Freewallet scam” or “Freewallet reviews”. You will see that hundreds of users are complaining about the unreasonable blocking of assets. After which the wallet administration simply ignores the victims’ requests.
We ask you to consider this abuse and take measures to protect users from potential scams. First of all, we ask you to remove Freewallet Multi Crypto Wallet because it’s owners actions violate law!