According to our data, at least a thousand users have already lost money due to the actions of the Freewallet org administration. Unfortunately, many of them do not believe in the effectiveness of law enforcement agencies. But in vain. After all, every well-written statement about a crime increases the chances of achieving justice!

Today our lawyer will give some advice to victims on how to correctly write a complaint to law enforcement about the actions of Freewallet.

Emphasize that you a reporting about FRAUD

There are no perfect online and offline services. Even reputable companies like Amazon, Facebook or Google sometimes violate the interests of customers. And often people write complaints to the police, motivated by dissatisfaction.

But when we talk about sites like Freewallet org, we mean deliberately deceiving clients and stealing their assets. Therefore, at the beginning of the text, write directly that you accuse the owners of Freewallet of an intentional crime (fraud). Otherwise, the police will have grounds not to consider the application, limiting themselves to a template reply.

One of possible beginnings of your report might be like:

With this statement, I responsibly inform you that the owners of the Freewallet org website and the application of the same name have committed criminal acts against me, namely fraud, that is, the criminal misappropriation of my digital assets.

Specify the amount of assets you lost

Different countries have different limits at which fraud becomes a criminal offense. It is important that the police see this fact.

Provide more evidence that Freewallet is a scam projects

Of course, the police are obliged to consider a crime report on an individual basis. But in practice, the more evidence of the organizers’ criminal intent, the better.

You can add links to our sites and and other review pages. This will help law enforcement officers assess the scale of crimes.

Provide more information about Freewallet owners

The nominal owner of the service is Estonian citizen Alvin Hagg. You should mention him but it’s even more important to tell about Dmitry Gunyashov and Vasile Mesheryakov as possible real owners.

This part of your report may look like:

The following may be involved in the activities of the Freewallet org website:

  • Estonian citizen Alvin Hahh (presumably lives in Tallinn). Alving Hagg is noticed as CEO and co-founder of the project.
  • Russian citizen Dmutry Gunyashov (presumably lives in London or Lisbon). Registrated living adress – Engelsa avenue, 111, app 516 Saint-Petersburg, Russia. Phone numbers – +79219965549 +79523905000. Is known as a founder and CEO of Cryptopay company (UK) but there is evidense that Gunyashov may be a real founder of Freewallet org.
  • Russian citizen Vasily Mesheryakov (presumably lives in Saint-Petersburg). Registrated living adress – Savushkina str, 125, building 2 app 119, Saint-Petersburg, Russia, phone numbers +79319693585 +79217772599 +79117116504.

Provide screenshots

Collect as many screenshots as possible confirming the fact of fraud: correspondence with support, messages about account freezing. You should also provide scans of your documents to show the police that you intended to undergo verification, but were unable to do so due to a KYC scam.

Contact us to get more legal support. We help all the Freewallet scam victims for free and guarantee confidentiality!