How to get back money, stolen by Freewallet scammers

Freewallet is one of the largest scam projects. Thousands of customers have already lost coins and tokens by depositing them to the addresses of this service. Freewallet administration stole up to $500,000 from some victims!

If you were just about to sign up for, don't! Don't trust scammers! The scammers on this site buy good reviews on purpose to deceive users!

But if we did not have time to warn you before adding funds, there is still a chance to save the assets.

Freewallet scammers stole my money

It’s a big problem, but even if Freewallet freezes withdrawals, you have a chance to get your money back. Follow this algorithm:

  1. Try to withdraw coins and tokens as soon as possible. Some victims in the reviews indicate that the account is blocked only if the user tries to withdraw the entire amount. Try to send assets to another (trusted) wallet in parts as soon as possible.
  2. Make high-quality screenshots confirming the presence of money on the balance. Fraudsters from Freewallet can delete the transaction history and reset the client's wallet. If you don't have screenshots at this point, it will be difficult to prove the theft. A good screenshot should capture the entire screen, including the address bar of the browser. If possible, make a video recording of the screen, which shows that your money is in the account.
  3. If Freewallet support blocked the wallet and started their KYC scam, try to convince the scammers that you are expecting a large amount of money. As one of the victims anonymously said, Freewallet owners specifically do not block users in the early days to allow them to deposit more cryptocurrencies into their wallets. Write to the support service that you should be transferred, say $5000, and you are worried that the blocking of the transaction will not interfere. There have been cases where Freewallet scammers believed this and unfrozen the account in the hope of stealing more money from the victim.

  1. If it was not possible to return the assets, take high-quality screenshots of all correspondence and transaction history. This evidence will help you in your litigation.
  2. Contact your local police or other law enforcement agency. Most likely the owners of Freewallet org are hiding from the law in Russia or East Asia. Today, the site does not have an official owner company. But this does not mean that the law is powerless. At the international level, there are agreements on legal assistance, under which police structures cooperate. Therefore, you must file a statement about the fact of fraud and theft of your money by the owners of Freewallet org.
  3. Get a criminal investigation started under the laws of your country. You may need the help of a good lawyer. Whether to spend money on it is up to you, but in any case, only arrest and trial can stop the scammers.
  4. Once an investigation has been initiated, please send the screenshots and documents along with the complaint to the domain registrar at This is important because the number of complaints depends on whether new victims fall for the bait of scammers.
  5. Send the same documents to or via Telegram.

Share a link to this material on other sites and forums so that other victims can return the money.

Our project plans to achieve justice for all victims of the Freewallet app scam. As soon as we collect a sufficient number of requests, we will organize qualified legal assistance and try to ensure that the real owners of Freewallet org are identified and held accountable!