This question worries Freewallet clients most of all. Indeed, in most cases, the administration blocks the account as soon as the client receives the transfer. Due to the impossibility of withdrawing coins, users first try to negotiate with support, send documents, and ask to unlock the wallet. But at some point, despair sets in and a desire to come to terms with the loss of money. Don’t give in to such emotions! Everyone has a chance to get their assets back!

Seek help from a competent lawyer. 

This is the first step to help you get your money back. Of course, if we are talking about blocked $100, there is no point in spending money on a lawyer. But our team is ready to provide consultation for free! To be able to prove that you are right, you must record all correspondence, transactions, and notifications in the form of screenshots. Freewallet owners are still at large precisely because many victims cannot prove the fact of fraud. It seems to the police and law enforcement that this is a regular dispute with support over trifles, such as poor-quality scans.

In addition to recording evidence, a lawyer will help you correctly draw up a statement of claim. It should consistently indicate the facts from your history: 

  • When you started using the wallet. 
  • What amount was deposited or received? 
  • When did the first problems arise? 
  • How they tried to rectify the situation. 
  • Were there any actions taken by the Freewallet administration aimed at helping the client?

Get crime investigations done

Every case of blocking or theft of assets must be brought to the attention of law enforcement. Many countries offer the option to apply online. But it’s better to spend an extra 30 minutes and send the complaint by mail. In this case, the police will see that we are talking about a crime against a real person. In addition, it is worth seeking the activity of law enforcement officers in similar cases. For example, by signing our petition, you will help draw NFIB’s attention to the criminal activities of Freewallet owners.

Help us to remove Freewallet scam from AppStore

Some time ago, due to numerous complaints, Freewallet was removed from the PlayMarket store. It’s time to do the same in the AppStore. Leave comments describing your stories in reviews of all Freewallet app builds. This will not only alert other potential customers, but will also help get store management to take action.

Share links to our resources with your friends and through social networks. It is important that every member of the crypto community, especially newcomers, understand that Freewallet is scamming customers.

This is also important because by depriving scammers of new money, it will be more difficult for them to pay for the services of lawyers and PR managers who help them avoid liability.

Some Freewalllet victims have already contacted us. For example, this woman wrote that scammers stole almost $70,000 from her. Under the guise of KYC, the administration blocked her wallet. But now we are making this case public. And we will strive to bring scammers to justice!

In some cases, it is the public discussion that forces the administration to return coins to customers. We hope that our help will allow the next victim to get their assets back

Thus, you see that it is possible to return assets. But for this we need to fight and seek justice. Considering that there are already many victims of the Freewallet scam, even a minimal contribution in the form of a signed petition or a submitted complaint in the AppStore will significantly increase the chance of our victory!