Freewallet: new episodes of scam and new tips for victims of this fraud

We continue to expose scammers from the Freewallet project team who steal clients’ assets. In various materials you can find detailed reviews and evidence of scam. Freewallet is not a safe and secure crypto wallet. It’s a total scam. And today we have additional facts that may be of interest to both ordinary users and victims of fraudsters.

What is Freewallet

First of all, it is worth emphasizing. Our investigation concerns a multi-currency crypto wallet distributed through the Freewallet org website. This clarification is important because there is a project of the same name on the network. It’s called Freewallet io. But we haven’t noticed any major complaints about this wallet. Therefore, let’s make a reservation that we are talking specifically about Freewallet org, a site created by scammers to steal your assets. Here is an example of one of the recent reviews. As you can see, the user is complaining that the administration has unreasonably blocked his assets.

This is not an accidental misunderstanding. This is a scheme by which Freewallet scammers steal assets.

Freewallet KYC fraud

It’s no secret that cryptocurrencies are sometimes used for illegal purposes. For example, for trafficking drugs or weapons or for laundering dirty money. Therefore, most exchanges require clients to undergo verification. KYC/AML checks can be unpleasant for clients, but this is a requirement of the authorities. But it’s important to understand. Many fraudulent exchanges and wallets take money from clients under the KYC scam. 

  • As soon as the user receives an incoming transaction, the administration blocks the withdrawal of coins. 
  • The victim is asked to undergo verification. 
  • While the user is sending documents, the administration rejects them, finding fault even with the smallest details. 
  • In the end, the victim is simply ignored and the client loses his assets.

This is the main scheme that allows Freewallet administration to steal coins.

Freewallet support won’t help you

But besides KYC fraud, there is a second way to steal assets. Some users complain that their transactions simply disappeared and their transfer history was deleted. Freewallet support won’t help you in this situation. Most likely, the administration deliberately steals coins in this way, disguising everything as technical failures.

Dmitry Gunyashov, Vasily Mesheryakov, who are real Freewallet owners?

We have previously published materials indicating that the real creators of Freewallet org are hiding their names. We found witnesses claiming the involvement of Russian natives Dmitry Gunyashov and Vasily Meshcheryakov in the actions of the administration. Today new details have emerged in this case. 

One of the victims mentioned that Gunyashov is in a relationship with Ruja Ignatova, who is already wanted for several crimes. It’s also mentioned that Dmitry officially owns company in the UK, named Quanta Trading.

Apparently, in the near future we will be able to identify more persons involved in this scam.

New episodes of Freewallet scam

Recently, the project administration tried to whiten its reputation. To do this, the authors hired by Freewallet began intensively leaving comments praising the wallet. For example, in discussions dedicated to various cryptocurrencies, representatives of Freewallet org immediately insert remarks that they believe in the growth of quotes for this coin. And at the same time, they advise installing a wallet, since only it can ensure the safety of your savings. Of course this is a lie. You can see many recent stories about how money was stolen from clients under the guise of verification. 

Some users have not been able to return their assets for more than a year. And only now they realize that they have become victims of a scam.

Actions against Freewallet

We publish materials to warn crypto traders and investors. Freewallet is a scam. If you don’t want to lose your savings, don’t install this wallet. Look at the experiences of other clients. Hundreds of people have already lost their coins. But even those whose assets are blocked should not give up. We have a chance to bring the project organizers to justice and receive compensation in court.

Save proves of Freewallet scam

The administration diligently disguises its actions as a normal verification procedure. In addition, Freewallet owners have the opportunity to delete your transaction history or block your account. Therefore, if you did not manage to withdraw coins before the blocking, immediately take screenshots confirming the presence of your wallet and assets on it. Screen your correspondence with support in the same way. This is important to prove that you have complied with the criminals’ demands, but even this did not help to recover the assets!

Write official crime report

Provide details and details of how Freewallet org administration took your assets. You can write this in any form, but we are ready to help you fill out a crime report. Send the prepared letter to local law enforcement agencies. You can also contact the National fraud investigation bureau, since according to our data, the creator of the project, Dmitry Gunyashov, lives in London.

Help us to stop Freewallet

We need your help to stop Freewallet scammers. 

Back in August 2023, we published a petition calling for an investigation into the actions of the wallet administration. The more votes we can collect, the greater the chance that law enforcement will finally respond to the problem.

We also need your help to warn other customers. 

Publish your reviews and stories, write abuse to the domain registrar (NameCheap), hosting provider (CloudFlare), contact authorities that counter online scams. Although Freewallet owners hide their names and disguise their actions as normal verification practices, it is possible to hold them accountable!