Report freewallet scam attempt

Is your wallet blocked by support? Are the coins frozen? Did Freewallet steal your assets by canceling the transaction?

Let’s fight these scammers together!

Tell us about the incident by emailing Our lawyers will consult you for free, help you collect evidence and prepare an appeal to the competent authorities

Take screenshots confirming the theft of assets, unreasonable blocking of the wallet or ignoring requests by the Freewallet support team

Provide a description of the incident, attach screenshots, and send it to law enforcement in your area

Part of the links to bodies that can assist in the investigation of crimes by the administration of

Federal Bureau of Investigation (USA)

Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN, USA)

ActionFraud (UK)

National Business Crime Center (UK)

TRACFIN (France)

European Anti-Fraud Office (Belgium + EU)

Federal Police (Switzerland) 

CyberPolice Department of Ukraine (Ukraine)

The Malta Police Force (Malta)

Singapore Police Force (Singapore)

Submit an abuse to ICANN (main domain registration organisation), claiming it to suspend all domains used by Freewallet scammers, including

You can make it here:

Sign a petition claiming the NFIB (ActionFraud) to investigate already reported cases of fraud, committed by Freewallet. The petition is available here –

Spread the word about the incident on social media, review sites, and forums. The more visitors become aware of the danger, the more difficult it will be for Freewallet scammers to find new victims, and the sooner they can be brought to justice!

Example of an official report:

My name is Adam Doe, 12.12.1992, adress: 1212 Green str., Topeka, KS, USA, phone: (785) 2211333.

On 12.07.2023 I created a crypto wallet via website. Next day I deposited there about 0.35 BTC which is equivalent to $1500. Two days later I tried to withdraw funds, but couldn’t do it because my wallet was frozen. I wrote a message to Freewallet support team immediately. For one day there was no responce. Later they asked me to complain verification (KYC). I provided all necessary documents, includind ID, drivers license, my personnal photo near the computer, video record of login attempt. The support was not answering for 3 days (from 18.07.2023 till 20.07.2023) but later asked me to provide another photo of my ID and some other documents. My wallet is remaining frozen and I have no access to my assets.

With this report I claim the beeing a scam project that is commiting internet fraud. In my opinion, a number of crimes against property have been committed by a group of persons, namely fraud. In this case, by the word fraud, I mean the theft of mine and others possible victims property (including money and its digital equivalent), carried out by deception or abuse of trust.

The perpetrators of these crimes use the website to steal money. This online resource is listed as “cryptocurrency wallet that allows you to receive, store and exchange cryptocurrencies.” In fact, this website was created for the purpose of misappropriation of clients’ assets.

Based on the above, please:

  1. Initiate checks (investigations) on the fact of fraudulent actions committed by the Freewallet Administration (persons acting on behalf of the website).
  2. Suspend a domain name to prevent new scams.
  3. Take measures to prevent the illegal withdrawal of the assets of the victims by blocking the possibility of making transactions through the website
  4. Take other necessary measures to protect the rights and legitimate interests of users affected by the actions of the Freewallet Administration.